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Welcome to NostalGeek

World Of Warcraft Private Server
Vanilla PRE-TBC, version 1.12

Relive and enjoy once more the
best era of World Of Warcraft !

The first and most mature 1.12 FR
server, the most stable and
constantly upgraded since
2009 and without interruption.

Online players stats and details
Guilds PvE raid progress

10788 Active players
(during the last 10 days)

Nostalgeek is the most mature 1.12 Vanilla french server, developped and managed
by true Vanilla enthusiasts since 2009 !

Instances and Raids
All instances/BG are operationals, fully scripted and tested by dozen of raids for more than 6 years.

With precise pathfinding, creatures don't walk through walls and go around obstacles on their way.

PvP Ranks
With fully operationals battlegrounds, earn PvP Ranks each week by an accurate calculation similar to the one on retail servers in 1.12

Our anti-cheat system can detect all the main Flyhack, Speedhack, Duplication techniques and cheat programs thanks to our Warden.

(Stats updated every 12 hours)
Accounts : 155305
Characters : 178232
(Stats updated every 5 min)
Players online : 59
Active players (last 10 days) :
10788 ( 6211 / 4577 ) more infos
Authentication server : Online
Game server : Online
Uptime : 0 day, 6 hours
Opening date : 06/17/2009
Rates : Blizzlike
Max level : 60
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