Pex Event comming in September !
As usual, summer is felt on the server population, and we are also working slower on our side, but we still have some new things to tell you!

The Pex Event
During the months of September and October will be in place a gigantic Pexing Event with rewards to the key!
From August 29 to October 31 all new characters will be in "PexEvent" mode:
- XP x2 for mob kills and x4 for quests.
- Guilded into Alliance/Horde Pexing Crew at creation.
- They will be in PvE mode.
- Impossible to group with characters who are not part of the Pex Event.
- No XP if a player who is not part of the Pex Event participates in the fight.
- 600 golds offered at level 60.

They will be able to exit this mode thanks to an IG command, but no rollback will be possible.

During this event you will be able to compete in 4 categories:
- First level 60.
- Level 60 with the most quests.
- Level 60 without dying.
- Make the most reports of proven unpublished bugs.

We encourage you all to take the opportunity to pex and rediscover the thrills of pexing together!

News from GlobalGeek
After a refresh of the Discord server our number 1 priority is the site.
Lorh is working hard for the Backend part of the site and we are lucky to have been joined by Ouantit who will help us with the Frontend, which will give me more time for everything else. So I'm working on the built-in logs on my side.

We will soon be integrating motivated players to join Anythingll in the DB correction, and therefore help us move forward on this project.

See you soon !
GL & HF.
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Nostalgeek's future
Hello everyone !
We celebrated the anniversary of Nostalgeek, which now opened its doors exactly 13 years ago.

We remember the beginnings, the 2.4.3, the launcher, the azshara crater, the "daily quests", Zalfir the first R14, Xyl and the first TF, Aros and the first Sulfuras, Anyway and the first Nefa downs, the war effort, Meugnon the Scarab Lord, the switch to an 1.12 core, RollBack and the first Patchwerk downs, Dissection and the first KT downs.

We remember the peak of the server and the peak at more than 2000 connected, the arrival of classic.

We remember Nyu, Ceyl, Krayt and all those who were involved in shaping what the server is now, all our players, all our dramas, and all our functional scripts.

We remember the 1796 downs of Onyxia, the 1209 downs of Ragnaros, the 1029 downs of Nefarian, the 741 downs of c'thun and the 219 Downs of KT.
Special mentions to Mandokir who fell the most times with 3841 downs, and to For The Pleasure who killed him alone 188 times.

We have in great adventures during these 13 years and we have withstood many trials...
Today it is clear that our old server struggles to attract crowds, despite our efforts.
However, we have already lasted 13 years and expect this to continue. It is also appropriate for us to think about how to do it.
It is necessary to learn to renew ourselves and broaden our horizons.

Wrath of the Geek King
For years the project has been trotting in our heads. It has been teased for a long time and this option has even been closely watched in recent years. But there are already, and have been for a long time, very good French and international LK servers, and while WotLK Classic is fast approaching it seems that it is totally counterproductive to launch such a project. Despite the completion of our offer that Wrath of the Geek King would present, the work required is too important to make it viable.
Later, perhaps.

Opening NG to international audience
We have not tried it on a large scale. The site has an English version and it sometimes happens that some English-speaking players join us.
But they never stay long. Unfortunately, it is difficult for them to integrate into a server where they do not understand 90% of what is said.
Also, a large majority of the international population finds little interest in joining a server that has been on the road for so long, and where you meet characters in full T3 stuff from your first arrival in the capital. What they want, and we understand them, is something new. Fresh.

What then ?
We decided that it was time for Nostalgeek to have a little brother, and we'll open in a few month a new 1.12 server.

Globalgeek will not follow the same full blizzlike line that Nostalgeek followed.
High level PvE will still have blizzlike versions, but it's loot will be nerfed, and legendary items will not be accessible in them. There will be instead an Hard version of all raids, with exclusive strategies and mechanics you'll have to discover and learn.
PvP wise, decay will only start after 3 weeks of inactivity, allowing casual player to grind to rank 14.
A secondary standing, based on our ELO system ( but revamped, more infos to come ) will allow the best players to get the City Protector's title, with a TP to your capital and an exclusive mount.

What will happen to Nostalgeek?
It will obviously remain open, available and no additional limitations will be put on it, there will be no blocking of the characters creation as there was on TGC.
It will benefit from all the improvements that will be made for the new server.
For PvE, HM strats will also be applied to Nostalgeek but with much harder values than those of GlobalGeek, to stick to the equipement level of the population and avoid spoiling the mechanics.
We will try to work on the CrossRealm PvP in order to allow NG players to play with those from GG, via a particular queue that will be limited to a certain gear level.
French players will always be invited to go first on Nostalgeek and join our beautiful community.

The near future
Opening this new server will not happen overnight. For the server to meet our expectations and those of the players we still have a lot of things to set up, and we are only a small team.

In the coming months we plan to do :
- A "Pexing" event that will allow you to get many rewards and will help us to take stock of the state of leveling on Nostalgeek.
- The implementation of integrated logs, with the automatic recording of precise combat data in raid.
- The redesign of the Nostalgeek and TGC sites, to go towards a single, multiserver site, bringing together the servers under the Geek Servers banner.

If you want to invest more sustainably in Nostalgeek and/or participate in the GlobalGeek adventure, we invite you to apply to Brz! Positions of GM, Community Manager, Webdev (mainly front end) and dev DB are open! We are also open to the creation of a "group" of novices who will learn the workings of DB development as Anythingll or Thackery have learned, and who will be able to propose events or participate in the debugging of servers. If you are more than interested, we will put in place everything you need to take part in our current and future projects!

So stay tuned, a lot of news will arrive in the coming months! If you have any questions do not hesitate to come and ask us about the server's discord!

GL & HF,
The Geek Servers Team
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[Event] Nostalgeek celebrate its 13th anniversary!
Next Friday, June 17 Nostalgeek will celebrate its 13th anniversary!
As we had not managed to organize an event for several years for this occasion we decided to catch up this year with an exclusive event!

Battle Royal NostalGeek

From June 17 to 19 you will have access from all capitals to the Black Morass, and in this area the rules are a little different:
- The area is in FFA PVP (like Gurubashi Arena)
- You'll have 200% of your normal HP and mana/rage/energy
- You'll have 150% of your normal crit rate (physical and spells)
- Grouping will not be possible in the area.
- Your attacks and spells will have a 25% chance of healing your target instead
- Your heals will have a 25% chance of doing damage instead
- When you release your spirit you will be brought back to life and randomly teleported somewhere in the air in the area with a slow falling buff.

Every 30 minutes an area surrounded by rains of flames will tighten to the place where a chest with magnificent rewards will appear !
If you are lucky enough you may get some bonuses that will allow you to dominate your opponents! Be careful though, the other players will not be your only enemies, the environment also prepares you some unpleasant surprises...

Among the rewards you'll find get gold coins, salt bags, mini-pets, and many other surprises.
If you are lucky enough to get the chest that will appear around 10pm you can win a magnificent Armored Ivory Raptor !

See you on Nostalgeek from June 17 to experience somthing unique !
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Instance recaps are here !
We are now recording a larger number of datas relatives to dungeons, and you now have the ability to see a recap from your past instances by going to the Instances time page and by clicking on your instance line.

We'll keep doing progress on recording actions done in dungeons, raids and against outdoor worldboss.

At the moment you can already see when a player or a monster died and you can see how much damage, heal and threat each of your group members have generated.

While we are hoping that you'll like that new tool, we will soon come back to you with more exciting news about Nostalgeek and it's future !

GL & HF.
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