[Event] Happy birthday Ouroboros !
Ouroboros organise their birthday party next weed end and offer you a special event !

From friday the 27th to monday the 30 we'll open the Winter Veil funstairs that will be accessible from Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Sunday night Ouroboros invite you to and exploration event guided by Dülgar !
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Heroic Mode is now on Nostalgeek !
We talked about it some time ago, and it's now a reality on Nostalgeek , some dungeons now have an heroic mode.

To trigger that mode, you know have the command ".hm". Used alone, she'll tell you which mode you are in. To activate the Heroic mode, you can use ".hm on", and ".hm off" to deactivate it.

What's to know :
- When you start an instance in heroic or normal mode, you have to get out of the dungeon to change mode. The dungeon is then reseted.
- HM raids can't be done in NM the same week, you can't have 2 ID for the same map.
- If the group leader has the HM activated, his whole group will be in HM.
- If you try to go into a dungeon that doesn't have any heroic mode with the HM on you'll be sent into NM version of this dungeon.

For now, only the Deadmines and Onyxia's Lair have an hardmode.
The Deadmines are just a HL version of the classic dungeon from Westfall, doable with T0 gear. You can win some consumables and other exclusive surprises !

Onyxia's lair is destinated at well trained raids. Balanced to be done with T3 gear, damages and mechanics from Onyxia and her Thrash mobs have been modified to give back to this fight all his epic dimension, and allow you to feel what felt the first ones to fight Lady Prestor. Her loot table also have been changed a bit, giving one Dragonslayer Ticket and 2 more 18 slots bags to reward those how can get Onyxia down.

Good luck & Have fun !
Nostalgeek Dev Team.
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