Welcome to NostalGeek

World Of Warcraft Private Server Vanilla PRE-TBC, version 1.12
Relive and enjoy once more the best era of World Of Warcraft !
The first and most mature 1.12 FR server, the most stable and constantly upgraded since 2009 and without interruption.

Why Nostalgeek ?

  • - Boost to level 56 via the shop.
  • - Content constantly updated.
  • - Staff visible and close to the community.
  • - A custom command to join battlegrounds wherever you are.
  • - Exclusive PvP daily quests.
  • - Battleground Honor marks can be used to reset your talents.
  • - Raid loots tradable for 2 hours.
  • - Crossfaction auction house.
  • s
  • - Exclusive event by the servers staff.
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