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Champions mortels


Killing one Qiraji lord is a notable accomplishment for a mortal, <nom>. They are however, numerous and powerful. Continue to defeat them to prove your worth as our champion.
Insigne de seigneur qiraji

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L'intégralité de cette quête se déroule dans Ahn'Qiraj


I see that you're no ordinary mortal, <nom>. Your chances against the Old God, however infinitely small, are greater than ours at this point. After all, while he expects dragons at his doorstep, he is not prepared for someone like you.

Just as Anachronos and Staghelm defeated the Qiraji a thousand years ago through the alliance of mortal and dragon races, we too shall form a pact. Gain the trust of the Bronze Dragonflight and you'll gain our trust. Only then we shall make a true champion out of you.



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